Welcome to Noble Beast Wars

I was just going to go with Beast Wars, but then I remembered the cartoon and figured that there might be a little confusion. This site is home to a D&D game loosely using the Noble Wild rules by Lee Garvin and the Skirmisher Game Development Group, something I've always wanted to give a shot. Noble Wild is designed so that you play as a heroic version of an animal in a fantasy setting, but we will be playing a slightly different setting; modern day Oromocto area, like a messed up Disney Movie. This game will basically play out like Over the Hedge meets The Gamers.


Background: The players were once members of an esteemed heroic Dragon hunting adventuring group called the Order of the Claw in the grand country of Ossia. The order had run afoul of a powerful villainous group, The Crimson Citadel, led by a wizard by the name of Harradin. The party managed to sneak past Harradin's powerful generals and Draconic allies, but when they confronted the wizard in his throne room they caused a massive magical cataclysm which killed everyone in the area. This included all of Harradin's forces, the Order of the Claw, and the neigboring Ossian city of Lamplight.
Instead of outright dying and going to their respective afterlives however; everyone who died in that cataclysm was reincarnated as animals, with vague memories of their past, in another world, our world. The party was originally content to live out their days as peaceful animals, believing it to be the next natural step on the way to their afterlife, but then they ran into some other lost-souls inhabiting animal bodies and heard a rumor that Harridan and his ilk may have also crossed over. So now it's time to settle an old score and protect their new homes from their old enemy.

Time/Place: Modern Day Oromocto area; Date is July 1st-2011 (Use Historical Weather, the Lost-Souls have been here for about 2 months now.
Tone: Obviously kind of lighthearted with occasional dark tones. The lost-souls only vaguely remember their past, some fully embrace their current forms. Obviously the lost-souls know nothing of their new world, and as such things like highways, cars and houses will be foreign to them so they should treat them as normal animals would.
Rules: Using rules from Noble Wild, core D&D classes allowed with the modifications from Noble Wild. If a class is not covered, common sense dictates, we will make modifications. Any other mods to the rules in House Rules. We will be tracking thirst and hunger as appropriate to the animal's diet, so you may have to hunt, forage or scavenge as the game goes on.

Starting Area: Rusthold, an old car hauled out in the woods to the west of Oromocto west. Moe the squirrel has set up shop in the trunk of the car.

Sha-Caw - Crow Wizard, Caleb
Charlie - Moose Druid, John
Rob - Raccoon Rogue, Jean
Smokey]- Noble Bear Monk , Berthelot
Hoo-Loo - Owl Paladin, Caleb Alternate
Symphony - Noble Wolf Cleric of McDonalds, Haley



Moe - Squirrel, first other lost-soul they met. Was once a store owner in Lamplight.
Duke - Dog, not a lost-soul, just a smart dog who can help guide them in the area.

Blank Character Sheet

Options for our next true D&D game

  1. Continue our characters from this game, brought back to life; You would retain some abilities based on your beast form, and maybe like a Shamanic totem each. Unfortunately it's been 10 years since you "died" and the world is a bit unfamiliar. Not sure main enemies or plot yet.
  2. Southern Swashbuckers; A pirate based adventure, centering around Tropicantic. Fighting Sahuagin, Lizardmen, and other Aquatic beasts. Will feature two large set pieces, 1) an underwater castle, with a dracolich, but puzzles and traps like the Water Temple from Zelda and 2) A final grand naval battle
  3. High Magic in the Feylands; A higher level campaign, 16th level, focuses on Artifacts, plane jumping and High Magic. One or more of you is a powerful magician, looking for knowledge on the different High Magics of the world, the remainder are accomplises in this effort. The majority of you have been working together for a long time. Main enemies will include; Githyanki, Dragons, Wizards, Demigods, Elementals and Extraplanar Enemies.