Create Fetish [Boon Creation]

You can bestow the effects of a spell into an object or creature, just like a humanoid can brew a potion.
Prerequisites: Noble animal only, caster level 3rd.
Benefit: You can create a fetish of any 3rd level or lower spell that you know and that targets one or more creatures. Creating a fetish takes one day. When you create a fetish, you set the caster level, which must be sufficient to cast the spell in question and no higher than your own level. The ability sacrifice necessary to create a fetish is always one point. The XP cost of a fetish is the spell level x its caster level x 2.
The spell effect of the fetish is placed into an object or creature. Any noble animal can activate the fetish by simply eating the object (or creature), or scratching himself if the fetish was placed on him.
For example, a noble wolf wizard decides to grant an invisibility fetish to a noble horse who has done him a favor. The horse now has a shock of white hair just above his right front hoof. Anytime he chooses he can rub the marked leg on the ground and release the spell. The white patch will disappear, and so will the horse. Another animal could, with the horse’s permission, rub that patch of fur and gain the benefit of the fetish, which also uses it up.
Another method is to make a fetish out of some relatively small, innocuous item; such as a twig, a bit of string or a pebble. An object so enchanted will appear to glow faintly to the eyes of any noble animal. While most animals will have difficulty carrying it around, any noble animal that eats it gains the effect. No matter what the object is, the animal will suffer no ill effects from eating it, as the magic consumes it before it can impact their digestion.
A final method of creating fetishes is favored by some predatory spell-casters (especially of the feline variety). A fetish can be imbued into a living non-noble creature of size diminutive or smaller. Just as with inanimate fetishes, these fetish creatures will glow faintly to a noble animal. Any noble animal who eats it will gain the effects of the fetish. A favorite practice among barncat sorcerers is to create fetishes out of several mice that share his barn, and call them to him when he wishes to use them. The helpless rodents will follow the cat until such time as the effect is needed, when he eats it. An animal that has been made into a fetish does not age, and does not need to eat or sleep.
A variation on this theme is used by many fur-bearing noble animals, who imbue fleas or ticks with a fetish, then “groom” them off of themselves or allow an ally to groom them to get the effect of the fetish. Fetish fleas and ticks do no harm to a creature on whom they are riding, neither do they age, eat, or sleep. Similarly, avian characters will use the mites that can be found in their feathers.
When you create a fetish, you make any choices that you would normally make when casting the spell. Whoever activates the fetish is the target of the spell.