Game Story

Session 1: A Dire Situation Indeed

The game begins with the players having spent the last two months getting used to their animal bodies in the woods before attracting their human friend, Hohn Jall, and the two squirrels to their hideout at Rusthold. Sha-Caw has done a few flyovers of the surrounding area, and as such they have decided to finally brave human territory, Oromocto West, to see just what's out there.

Session 1 Rewards

XP - What was already given for the previous encounters and then each player gets 2250 xp
Loot - According to the Calculator, should be about $5299.1, which I will figure out in terms of Jujus and pawnable loot later.
In Chompjaw's Lair - Will be there for the next day, until the authorities track it down, and the surviving dogs come back and loot it. Accounts for $2300 of it.
On Chompjaw
The following boons can be gained by eating the body, but would be only temporary unless the consuming animal paid the experience point cost listed.
Natural Weapon (Wolf Bite 1d8): 150 xp to make permanent
2x Natural Weapon (Gorilla Punch 1d6): 100xp for each punch to make permanent
Venom (1d6 Con, Fort 10): 800 xp to make permanent
Skill (Hide +3, Move Silently +3: 400xp each to make permanent

Session 2

Session Rewards

Crocodile Tail (3d6, 600xp to make permanent)

xp - 2,000 each

Standing Xp
Caleb - 14,250/15,000
Bert - 14,000/15,000
John - 12,900/15,000
Haley - 14,000/15,000
Jean - 13,800/15,000

Session 3

Begins around 9am, monday morning, July 4th. Offshore from the Beaver Dam built in the center of Swan Creek.
-300 xp for John and Caleb, -600 for john for wings
-600 xp for Bert
+540 for 1st encounter, +2750 for bossfight and traps

Session 4

+350 for shit beaver fight for John and Haley, 1680xp for Barbed Devil "Fight", +250xp for Jean and Caleb for disarming the Arcane Engine
Loot - Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone (Bert), +1 Spell Resistance 15 Breastplate and Cloak of Minor Displacement (Haley), +4 Amulet of Health (John), +1 Medium Sized Shocking Burst Dagger (Jean), Snahfuu the Intelligent Hat (Caleb)