Moe's Trunk-Stop Tavern
Item Price Note
Repair Services If repairing items to sell, he takes 20% of the profit. If repairing items for party use he charges 5% of the cost.
Quarter Pounder $5 McDonald's deliciousness, bought by Hohn Jall. When fresh, nourishes and gives 10 hp when eaten by scavenger/carnivore.
Left over Double Cheeseburger $2 McDonald's, scavenged from dumpster. Nourishes and gives 4hp.
Soup Can $0.5 Campbell's chunky beef soup, empty.
Dogtags of Aquatic Salvation $265 Stolen dogtags enchanted by Moe. Dogtags belong to a J Lokitek. The wearer can breathe water for 5 rounds once activated. Once per day
Bottlecap Mines $450 Enchanted Beer Bottle Caps, Similar to Blast Disk except watered down. Causes 3d6 damage.