Noble Squirrel

Noble Rodent

There is no place in the world that does not have a sizable rodent population, existing beneath the notice of larger creatures and societies. They see everything, and say nothing; when a rodent has the right disposition, there is no better spy. Most rodent species have their flags planted on the challenge side, but occasionally entire populations will choose to serve a humanoid culture they find deserving.
Mice are alert, cheerful, and aware of their surroundings. These minuscule creatures are natural miners and engineers, almost as accomplished as beavers, and are both tireless and adept at creating the sprawling tunnel complexes in which they love to dwell and hidecaches of food and other possessions. Even when outside of subterranean areas they tend to travel at a scamper in straight lines and along features like walls, rather than across open areas. Mice are diligent both in their search for food and in their tendency to store for hard times anything they do not need for the present.
Squirrels seem to combine the work ethic of mice with the fearlessness of rats. Provided they are out of its reach, a squirrel will not hesitate to scold even the largest predator for disturbing his busy day. While wary of humanoids as a whole, squirrels will make friends with individuals on a case-by-case basis (usually after being offered tidbits of food). This is sometimes a point of contention between squirrels and rats; what the rat must steal, the squirrel is given freely – a bushy tail goes a long way in public relations.
Squirrels enjoy the company of all manner of fey, and can often be found dancing in fairy rings alongside pixies and bogarts.

Noble Rodent Species Traits

• Tiny.
Base Speed: 15 feet, Climb: 15 feet.
Natural Weapons: bite (1d3).
Vestigial Hands: Unlike most animals, rodents have vestigial hands that can be used to grasp tools. While their “natural” cousins still have not grasped the higher concepts involved in using tools, a noble rodent can use tools and weapons with only a -4 awkwardness penalty (provided they are of an appropriate size).
Low-light Vision (Ex).
Scent (Ex).
Bonus Feat: Weapon Finesse.
• +4 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks, and a +8 racial bonus on Balance and Climb checks.
• A rodent can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.
• A rodent uses its Dexterity bonus instead of Strength for Climb checks.
• Mammal.
Automatic Languages: High Fauna and Rodent. Bonus
Languages: Bat, Camel, Canine, Common, Crocodilian, Elephant, Equine, Feline, Herdspeak, Hyena, Lizard, Monitor, Raptor, Serpent, Simian, Songbird, Ursine, and Woodland.

Sub-Species: Noble Squirrel

• 2 Strength (Squirrels always begin play with a Strength of 2 – this can be increased through level advancement as usual), +4 Dexterity
• A squirrel can use the run action while climbing, provided it moves in a straight line.
• Favored Class: Ranger.
• Social Group: None.