Used to be Meorgul Stonedoom, a very respected Duergar engineer who built many of the fortifications and traps in Harridan's castles.
Class: Wizard 9 (Evoker; Prohibited Schools Diviner, Illusionist)
Size: Small (1 AC/Atk) +4 Hide
Speed: 30 feet, Swim: 20 feet, Fly: 40 feet (Good)
Familiar: Toad (Gurgles, +3hp)

Str: 9 Dex: 19 Con: 14
Int: 20 Wis: 13 Cha: 14
Save Total Class Bonus Ability Score Bonus
Fortitude: 5 3 2
Reflex: 7 3 4
Will: 7 6 1
HP: 57 AC: 15 (+1 NA, +1 Size, +3 Deed) Init +4
Base Attack Bonus 4 Grapple -1 Ranged +9
Skill Total Rank Ability Misc
Beavercraft +17 12 +5 Int
Knowledge (Engineering) +17 12 +5 Int
Knowledge (Arcana) +17 12 +5 Int
Knowledge (The Planes) +14 9 +5 Int
Spellcraft +17 12 +5 Int
Decipher Script +17 12 +5 Int
Survival +6 5 +1 Wis
• +4 racial bonus on Swim.
Bonus Feat: Alertness
1st Level Bonus Feat: Create Juju
1st Level: Gift of Understanding
3rd Level: Create Fetish [Boon Creation]
5th Level: Weapon Focus (Ray)
6th Level: Spell Focus (Evocation)
9th Level: Empower Spell
Special Qualities
Low-light Vision (Ex).
Scent (Ex).
Special Abilities
Natural Weapons: 2 claws (1d2), and 1 bite (1d6)
Armored Aura 3
Vestigial Hands (-2 to attacks and skill rolls with them, 300xp to make permanent)
Spectral Bat Wings; 40 ft Good (1,000xp to make permanent)
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Crit Range/Notes
bite +3 1d6-1 x2 /
2 claws -2 1d2-1 x2 /
Dire Large Bite +13 3d6+11 x2 /
2 Dire Large Claws +8 1d6+11 x2 /


Languages: High Fauna and Rodent, Bat, Crocodilian, Woodland, Raptor

Possessions: Stonedoom's Spellbook is written all over the inside of his lair, Fetishx2 (Bit of Birch-Stick woven into his fur, Mage Armor), Fetish (Black patch of fur on his front paw, Dire Form), Fetish (Black patch of fur on other front paw, Primal Form)

Spells Known: All 0 lvl
1st level x9 - Horrible Taste, Burning Hands, Ray of Flame, Magic Missile, Magic Fang, Reduce Animal, Ray of Enfeeblement, Mage Armor, Endure Elements
2nd level x4 - Scorching Ray, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Repair Moderate Damage
3rd level x4 - Dire Shape, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Primal Form
4th level x3 - Animal Growth, Stone Shape, Dragon Breath
5th level x2 - Cone of Cold, Passwall

Spells Per Day: +2 Save DC vs Evocation

Spell Level Number/day Save DC Memorized
0 lvl x4 +1 school 15 Ray of Frost(e) x2, Launch Bolt, Mending, Sonic Snap(e)
1 lvl x6 +1 school 16 Ray of Enfeeblement, Endure Elements, Mage Armor, Horrible Taste, Magic Missile (e)x2 , Magic Fang
2 lvl |x5 +1 school 17 Cat's Grace, Repair Moderate Damage, Scorching Ray(e) x3, Bull's Strength
3 lvl x4 +1 school 18 Dire Shape, Haste, Lightning Bolt(e), Fireball(e), Primal Form
4 lvl x3 +1 school 19 Animal Growth, Stone Shape, Dragon Breath(e) x2 (9 rounds, usable every 1d4 rounds)
5 lvl x2 +1 school 20 Empowered Fireball(e) (9d6 x1.5. DC 22), Cone of Cold(e) (9d6, 60 ft cone), Passwall

Primal Form
Air: Fly speed 20 feet (perfect).
Earth: Damage reduction 5/—.
Fire: 1d4 fire damage, resistance to fire 10, burn (MM 98).
Water: Swim 90 feet, drench (MM 101).

Dire Shape
+8 increase to it’s Strength, a +4 increase to its Constitution, and a +4 increase to its natural armor bonus.
Size up -

Animal Growth
+8 size bonus to Strength and a +4 size bonus to Constitution (and thus an extra 2 hit points per HD), and imposes a –2 size penalty to Dexterity. The creature’s existing natural armor bonus increases by 2.

Total - Dire Large Animal
Large Shape: +24 Str, +12 Con, -4 Dex, +8 NA; (Results; +10 Atk, +4 AC, +54hp + Primal Form Benefit)
Natural Weapons become Clawsx2 1d6, Bite 3d6

Stonedoom's Henchmen

Gob-Bats: Bat-Sorcerer 3, used to be goblin scouts so are a little crazy and kinda dumb.
Stonewall Beavers: Beaver Psychic Warrior 4, were Stonedoom's Psionic brethren, his brute workforce in the Duergar army. (4 powers known, 3 1st lvl, 1 2nd lvl; Expansion, Force Screen (+4 AC), Stomp, Dissolving Touch (4d6 acid, 3 pp)
Hornmane the Ever-Hungry - Crocodile Cleric of Set, lives inside the dam in the river, is being secretly worshipped by the animals and being sacrificed others for their natural abilities.